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JD1.84b in foreign aid pledged to Jordan in 2019 — ministry


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The total foreign aid pledged to Jordan in 2019 by donor countries and financing institutions stood at JD1.84 billion by the end of October.
Around 60 per cent of the agreed-upon foreign assistance is designated to support the General Budget, including capital projects, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation said in a statement on Thursday. 
Foreign aid is divided into grants and soft loans, and is used to support the General Budget, the Jordan Response Plan to the Syrian Crisis (JRP) or priority development schemes in service sectors, such as health, education, municipalities and water.
The agreed-upon foreign grants totalled some JD502 million, including JD357 million for the JRP, while the total soft loans agreed in 2019 reached JD1.35 billion, including JD1.02 billion from the second development policy loan with the World Bank to support the budget, according to the statement.
The ministry added that the government is expected to sign new loans before the end of the year that are worth around JD600 million, including a US monetary grant that will be disbursed to the Treasury before yearend with a value of JD529 million (some $745 million).  

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