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Give people’s health a chance - Editorial, The Jordan Times



More and more people are mobilising their anti-smoking sentiments to reach out to the government in a bid to have the Public Health Law 47 faithfully enforced in all public places.
The existing legislation against smoking in public places, like restaurants, cafes, transportation systems and government buildings is rarely, if ever, observed due in no small part to the government's blaze attitude on anti-smoking in public places, and the strong resistance from the smoking people and certain establishments geared to paying customers.
Initially, there were determined efforts to enforce the law in restaurants and cafes but they were all met with stiff resistance by owners of such places contending that its enforcement would ruin their business by driving away their usual customers. It seems that the public demand for smoking still exceeds the public sentiment against it, despite the high cost of smoking to the health and economic well-being of smokers.
Until now, the anti-smoking campaign has lost out to owners of public places frequented by good paying customers, who seem to have won the day. Now the anti-smoking constituency is once again uniting their forces through social media by signing a petition to the government to start once again taking the existing law against smoking in public places seriously by enforcing it in earnest.
It is estimated by health officials that about 3,100 Jordanians die each year from cigarette-related issues and the number is rising all the time. The government of Omar Razzaz has a lot on its plate already and may not have the time or stamina to pick up the loud signal of the anti-smoking campaigners, but it can still take notice and take appropriate action to have the existing law implemented.
There are countries across the globe that take the health of their people more seriously than Jordan does by extending the scope of the anti-smoking laws. All that the anti-smoking people are saying is that enough is enough and give the health of people a chance.

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