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Common stand on many issues - Editorial, The Jordan Times



Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s visit to Amman for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah and his Jordanian counterpart came in the midst of serious developments in the region, especially in Syria and Iraq, where Daesh forces have been dealt severe blows and lost much of the territory they once occupied.
Moscow not only tipped the scales in favour of the regime in Syria, by intervening militarily and politically, and setting the stage for a political transition in this war-torn country, it was also instrumental in establishing a series of de-escalation areas in various parts of Syria, notably along the Jordanian border, where the conflict between the warring parties tapered down or ceased entirely, giving much-needed respite to the beleaguered people caught in the crossfire.
His Majesty discussed with Lavrov bilateral relations and regional developments, stressed the importance of boosting cooperation in various fields, especially politics, economy and military, as well as the need to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis and talked about international efforts to activate the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis and find political solutions for the region’s crises.
Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi and Lavrov stressed the importance of the de-escalation zones, which are “most successful” and a contributing element to the ultimate solution, which must be a complete ceasefire across Syria, followed by a political solution.
The burden of sheltering Syrian refugees, the developments at the border with Syria, the strategic relations between Jordan and Russia in various fields, including economy and technical military cooperation, and the need to solve the crises in Libya and Yemen peacefully without foreign intervention were also discussed by the two ministers.
Lavrov also called for restoring normalcy and preventing any aggravation of the situation, and for efforts to relaunch peace talks to be revived.
The two sides agreed to continue their pursuit of calm in Syria through the implementation of the de-escalation deal, which was signed recently in Amman.
As Safadi said, Jordan deals with the crisis in Syria in a manner that ensures its interests, foremost the security of borders.
The Kingdom does not wish to have sectarian militias such as Daesh and Jabhat Al Nusra on its border, and supports all efforts for an inclusive and sustainable ceasefire that ends the bloodshed in Syria.
Jordan has championed a political solution to the Syrian civil war since day one. It wishes to see peace in Syria, for its displaced and refugees to be able to return home, for the country to be rebuilt and for a fair system of governance in power, for the sake of regional stability and security.
And in this regard, there is a meeting of the minds between Jordan and Russia, as Lavrov’s visit established

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