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Prosecution ready with charge sheet as probe into Salt terror cell case completed


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The State Security Court (SSC) Prosecutor General Col. Fawaz Otoum on Tuesday wrapped up the investigation in the so-called Salt Cell case, which saw a group of terrorists form a criminal association plotting and executing and terror attacks. 
The prosecutor prepared the indictment list in preparation for the trial of 11 suspects, as three of the cell members died when they blew up a building in Salt in which  they were hiding, one day after an explosive they planted in the nearby town of Fuheis went off and killed two Gendarmerie officers. Four more officers were killed when the building collapsed and 17 people were injured in the raid of the hideout.
According to the charge sheet, the suspects will be tried for manufacturing, possessing and using weapons and explosives in terrorist acts that led to the death of people, in addition to the demolition of a privately-owned building, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
In a spot not far from the stormed building, explosives were found buried, the case documents indicate. 
The suspects, whose confessions were aired on national TV, were exchanging and promoting information about Daesh. Out of their support for the terror organisation, they formed a cell and plotted to disturb the Kingdom’s stability and security and terrorise citizens, the sheet said.  
The targets that the cell identified for their terrorist acts included vehicles that carry army personnel, police patrols and offices of security agencies.
The list of the indictees included two suspects’ wives who will be standing trial “for failure to report the terrorist activities to authorities”.

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