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A leader in times of conflict - By Lara Ali Atoum, The Jordan Times



As Jordan faces it’s most difficult challenges in many decades, exacerbated by the country's response to the coronavirus pandemic and deep economic woes, the people of Jordan turn to their King, His Majesty King Abdullah, as their saviour and only hope, for good reasons.
Throughout His reign, His Majesty has demonstrated a natural ability to deal with domestic, regional and international crises, with wisdom, brilliance and remarkable resolve. Most recently, King Abdullah has been lauded with praise for his decisive actions in confronting the coronavirus pandemic, earning His Majesty global recognition for his sweeping measures to ensure the public health security and safety of the Jordanian people.
Today, Jordan lies at a critical intersection between economic insecurity, a global public health crisis, regional instability, and Israeli threats of annexation of approximately 40 per cent of the land in the West Bank and Jordan Valley.
Such threats from Israel not only could put an end to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, they also pose as a potential risk for the displacement of approximately 110,000 Palestinians, with nowhere else to go but Jordan.
The road ahead for Jordan and the region will become much more tumultuous should Israel carry out its threats, without the intervention and support of the international community, upon which Jordan and the entire peace process are dependent.
King Abdullah and Jordan will not stand by on the sidelines and watch idly as Israel plots its catastrophic plans for the region, and his Majesty will continue to exhaust all efforts to prevent any further economic, geographic, border security and political threats to his country.
Jordan is pinning its hopes on its allies in the international community, and on its friends and peace partners in the United States who share his Majesty's vision for peace.
The ultimate question remains, why does Israel want to put an end to the peace process by violating international laws and its treaty obligations? Moreover, why does Israel seek to widen the conflict while it falsely declares its intentions to avoid conflict and to seek channels of communication with the Arab world?

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