Sunday 19th of August 2018 |
Israel Closes People Crossing with Gaza after Border Violence

Israel closed its only crossing for people with the Gaza Strip on Sunday except for humanitarian cases after border clashes, the latest tightening of its blockade on the Palestinian enclave.


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  • Mentoring event boosts young Jordanian startups
    AMMAN — A dozen business experts on Thursday came together to discuss specific startup challenges with local entrepreneurs, aiming to form a long lasting bridge between established industry experts and aspiring ones.

  • Yemen’s ancient architecture threatened by war
    Yemen’s three-year war has taken a heavy toll on Sanaa’s historic Old City, a dense warren of mosques, bath houses and 6,000 mud brick houses, which date from before the 11th century.

  • Startup delivers beauty inside comfort of your home
    AMMAN — For social entrepreneur Romouz Sadeq, who founded a home delivery beauty services startup, every woman working with her is a social entrepreneur herself.

  • Turning trash into money: Irbid women improve livelihoods through recycling
    AMMAN — While collecting rubbish to make a living can seem unusual to some, it was the idea behind the successful “Waste to positive Energy” project conducted by international NGO Action Against Hunger (ACF) in Jordan, which helped 1,194 vulnerable individuals around Irbid, including 550 women, to increase theirs and their families’ livelihood.


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