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Saudi Crown Prince launches social welfare program ‘SNAD Mohammed bin Salman’




Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has directed the launching of the program ‘SNAD Mohammed bin Salman’ as part of his efforts to develop the fields of non-profit social initiatives aimed at empowering Saudi men and women and help them attain a decent and stable life.
The program aims to address the needs of different sectors of society and nonprofit social initiatives, as well as setting up frameworks and rules for Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s charitable initiatives benefitting Saudi society.
SNAD also seeks to promote knowledge and awareness in order to achieve sustainable social development.
The SNAD teams began work on the program according to the structure, governance and comprehensiveness of initiatives in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to create a community of development through non-profit institutions and sectors.
The first phase of the program includes the ‘SNAD Marriage’ initiative which seeks to achieve family stability, and help young people who don’t have the means to get married and build a family.
SNAD is based on many social and non-profit initiatives in partnership and coordination with various entities launched by the crown prince, the latest of which include supporting charity, the release of prisoners, and the development of historic mosques.

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