Thursday 27th of February 2020 |
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Lebanon: Israel Fires Flare Bombs Near Border, Explosions Heard in Arqoub




Israel hurled at dawn on Saturday more than 30 flare bombs near the Lebanese border mainly over the towns of Ghajar, Shebaa and Kfar Shuba heights, the National News Agency reported.
NNA also said that Israel fired heavy machine guns near al-Semmaqah, al-Alam, and al-Marsad.
Locals also reported hearing a series of 12 explosions in the villages of al-Arqoub originating from the occupied Shebaa Farms, according to NNA.
Tension with Israel escalated recently after an Israeli drone on Sunday crashed in a Hizbullah bastion south of Beirut and a second exploded in the air.
Hizbullah and the army pointed the finger at Israel.

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