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Cold air mass to bring rain this week — weather department


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A cold air mass is forecast to impact the Kingdom as of Wednesday night with a high chance of rain in the northern and central parts of the Kingdom after 21 dry days, according to the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD).
The rain, accompanied by lightning and thunder, may cause flash floods in valleys and low-lying areas, Director of Meteorological Department Raid Al Khattab told The Jordan Times.
“We will witness a sharp drop in temperatures,” he said.
Winds will be southwesterly moderate, causing dust formation in the south and east of the Kingdom, according to the weather department. 
The temperatures in Amman on Wednesday are forecast to see a high of 21°C during the day and a low of 8°C at night.
In Aqaba, temperatures will see a high of 28°C during the day and a low of 17°C at night, according to the JMD.
On Thursday mercury levels are forecast to hover between 13°C and 6°C in Amman.
The temperatures in Aqaba on Thursday are forecast to see a high of 22°C during the day and a low of 14°C at night.
On Friday, light showers are expected in the northern and the central parts of the country in the early morning hours, according to the JMD.
Temperatures will range between 13°C during the day and a low of 6°C at night in Amman,  and between 22°C and 14°C in Aqaba, the JMD said.

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