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Upcoming parliamentary elections a constitutional requirement — King


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AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Sunday said the upcoming parliamentary elections are a constitutional requirement, stressing that hopes are pinned on an improving and stable epidemiological situation.
At a meeting with key figures from a number of governorates at Al Husseiniya Palace, attended by HRH Crown Prince Hussein, King Abdullah underscored the global nature of the challenges posed by coronavirus disease (COVID-19), noting that it is also an opportunity to promote self-reliance and develop local industries, according to a Royal Court statement.
His Majesty emphasised the need to continue efforts to counter COVID-19, highlighting the value of public awareness and cooperation in safeguarding Jordan’s achievements since the onset of the pandemic.
The King said the impact of COVID-19 was felt by all countries around the world, adding that stepping up public commitment will help control the spread of the virus in the upcoming period, which in turn would allow for opening up the economy and exporting local products to the region and the world.
His Majesty urged setting priorities for regions across Jordan in the coming period and referred to agricultural programmes underway, with plans for follow-up with the relevant stakeholders with the aim of alleviating poverty and unemployment.
Turning to regional matters, the King reaffirmed the strength of Jordan’s relations and stressed that the trilateral summit with Egypt and Iraq aims to bolster economic cooperation and promote openness to other countries to support the private sector, describing the trilateral mechanism as a cause for optimism.
Attendees noted the importance of His Majesty’s statements and proposals in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which call for better global integration through re-globalisation, especially with regards to food security.
Calling for boosting domestic tourism across Jordan to benefit all regions, the attendees also stressed the need to launch tourism projects to alleviate unemployment and poverty.
Noting the importance of investing in the agricultural sector, the attendees also urged the continued development of educational programmes and focusing on nurturing a generation that respects diversity.
They called for more attention to young people and supporting cooperatives to create job opportunities across Jordan, stressing the need to engage youths in planning sustainable development strategies.
Moreover, they urged speeding up the process of establishing a national railway network to ease public transport and reduce traffic accidents.
The attendees also expressed appreciation of the King’s efforts in defending the nation’s causes, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.
For his part, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz said the government has been working with civil society organisations to boost domestic tourism and help support sectors hit hard by COVID-19.
Highlighting the national agricultural strategy, Prime Minister Razzaz said the government is encouraging youths to tap into agricultural projects to create employment opportunities.
The prime minister described the national railway project as a key national project that the government is ready to launch.
He said the government is working in coordination with the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army General Command to reactivate mandatory national service in a way that better serves youths, stressing that the programme has had a history of shaping the Jordanian identity and instilling a sense of teamwork and other key values.
The prime minister noted efforts to coordinate with other countries, through Jordan’s embassies, to seek employment and training opportunities for young Jordanians abroad.
Royal Hashemite Court Chief Yousef Issawi, Adviser to His Majesty for Policies Bisher Al Khasawneh, Adviser to His Majesty for Tribal Affairs Saad Hayel Srour, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Maj. Gen. Yousef Huneiti attended the meeting.

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