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Oman an 'important' economic partner for Jordan-Haj Tawfiq


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Amman - Chairman of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Khalil Haj Tawfiq, said Jordan views Oman as an "important" economic partner. 

In remarks to "Petra," Haj Tawfiq said :"Time has come to change the form of Jordanian-Omani economic cooperation and move it from commercial exchanges to strategic partnerships, based on the brotherly solid relations in various fields, and keenness of the two countries' leaderships to advance ties to achieve their common interests."

Haj Tawfiq added, "Jordan's economic relations with Oman require remarkable efforts from the two countries' private sector to advance them to higher levels by exploiting the available opportunities, in line with their new investment paths."

During the 11 months of last year, the Kingdom's exports to Oman amounted to approximately $75 million, compared to $69 million in imports, while medicines were the highest Jordanian commodity exported to the Sultanate during the same period, with a value of $14 million, according to official data.

In the capital, Muscat, Haj Tawfiq discussed with Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), Sheikh Faisal bin Abdullah Al-Rawas, prospects for enhancing cooperation and launching economic partnership and ways to enhance trade exchange and promote the two countries' existing investment opportunities.

During the meeting, which came on the sidelines of the OCCI’s celebrations of the 50th anniversary of its establishment, the two sides stressed the necessity of enhancing joint investment opportunities in various fields, developing economic relations by organizing and diversifying relevant events, and strengthening contact and partnership at the private sector's level.

Hajj Tawfiq pointed out that the two countries had already signed agreements to open "broader" horizons for their trade exchanges, diversify them, exchange delegation visits, and hold joint economic exhibitions and events to promote the two sides' available economic opportunities.


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