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‘Public lack of adherence to regulations may lead gov’t to impose curfew’— Adaileh


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh on Thursday confirmed that the government may be forced to impose a curfew in Jordan if citizens do not commit to staying in their homes and leaving only if absolutely necessary, according to a Prime Ministry statement.
Adaileh, during a telephone interview with the programme "This Evening" on Jordan TV, said that many citizens underestimated the situation and took to the streets on Thursday for reasons besides emergencies or absolute necessities in most governorates of the Kingdom.
He demanded that citizens stay at home in conformity with government decisions and actions aimed at protecting them from COVID-19 and preserving their safety and the health of their children.
Adaileh noted that there are exceptions for workers in vital sectors that were not included in the government's decision to suspend work in the public and private sectors, such as the food, pharmaceuticals, public services and other sectors.
Regarding the rise in the number of coronavirus cases in the Kingdom, Adaileh noted that the increase “was expected” due to the arrival of citizens from countries where the pandemic has spread, and given that other people have had contact with them, the statement added.
The minister said that the 69 people infected with the virus are mainly persons who were in contact with citizens arriving from abroad, except for two cases.
 He stressed that the rise in cases poses a warning to the public to show more caution and follow the advice and instructions issued by the Ministry of Health, including avoiding contact with infected individuals and staying at home as much as possible.
Also on Thursday, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz took to Twitter to call on citizens to abide by the government’s instructions to stay at home.
The premier tweeted: “The gathering of some citizens that we saw today and their lack of commitment to staying at home poses great harm to them as well as others.”
“The difference between success and failure in our battle against the virus lies in our levels of awareness and commitment,” he continued.
“In the absence of both awareness and commitment, we will have to impose more rigorous measures that could reach imposing a curfew. We rely on your awareness and commitment,” Razzaz stressed in the tweet.

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