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Prince Hassan suggests international zakat, solidarity institute


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, chairperson of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies’ board of trustees, on Tuesday attended a regional meeting called, “Ending violence against children: the role of religious communities in the Middle East”.
The two-day meeting was organised by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies, the Arab organisation for women and children for training and development and Arigatou International, according to a statement from Prince Hassan’s office.
During the meeting, Prince Hassan called for building a new global human system that recognises the value of mankind and protects children from wars and challenges in the region.
Prince Hassan referred to the thousands of children in areas of conflict and war who suffer from hunger and diseases which often lead to death, noting that large numbers of children are also unable to attend school because of conflict.
To generate change for the future of such children, there has to be efforts to support them and alleviate the repercussions of wars by providing them with better lives, he added.
The prince highlighted the importance of establishing an international institution for zakat and social solidarity to offer help for the sake of humanity, empower people, address poverty and destitution, and bring people closer together regardless of their origin, race, colour or religion.
Speaking on violence against children and illegal child labour, Prince Hassan called for strategies and practical solutions instead of meetings simply issuing statements.
During the meeting, Coordinator of the Global Network of Religions for Children Khalid Batarseh added that diversity should not be a pretext for violence and division.
President of the Global Network of Religions for Children Mustafa Ali highlighted the importance of countering the use of social media outlets as platforms for spreading hate and extremism.
President of Arigatou International Rev. Keishi Miyamoto, in a message delivered to attendees of the meeting, expressed appreciation for Prince Hassan’s support to the institution which works in 55 countries.
Miyamoto said that one of the goals of the institution is to build a world full of peace where every child can grow in a secure and proper way and enjoy a decent life.

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