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MPs reject law for stipulating establishment of new independent commission


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Lower House on Sunday rejected the 2019 vocational and technical skills development law as it stipulates the establishment of a new public independent commission. 
MPs argued that the new commission will deplete the state budget, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 
Lawmakers also said that the objectives of the law can be realised through the administrative departments of the Labour Ministry.
Minister of State and Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Muasher said that the draft law merges three independent commissions into one that shall administrate the vocational and technical education sector, “which needs quick revision and action, and suffers from multiple references”.
The minister added that the bill is in implementation of the outcomes of the National Strategy for Human Resources Development, Petra reported.
Merging the public independent commissions with ministries and other state institutions under a comprehensive restructuring plan has been a pressing demand by Parliament and political parties.
Deputies also endorsed a number of provisions of the 2019 amendments to the Deposit Insurance Corporation Law, under which the membership of Islamic banks in the corporation is changed from optional into obligatory based on a fatwa (religious edict) that allowed insuring Islamic deposits to provide protection for all depositors at banks in the Kingdom. 
The bill aims at enhancing confidence in the banking sector through paying the insurance money to depositors without having to present a request.

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