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Gov’t keen to solidify partnership with private sector post-virus crisis – official


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A senior government official on Wednesday stressed that the government would ensure the continuation of its partnership with the private sector “when the COVID-19 pandemic is over”.
Adviser to the prime minister and head of the public-private partnership (PPP), Mahmoud Khoshman, said the partnership is vital to boost investments and ensure hard currency circulation in the Kingdom.
“We need to join hands with the private sector because we do not have enough infrastructure while ensuring a fair and transparent process,” Khoshman stressed.
He added that His Majesty King Abdullah and the government strongly believe in the private sectors’ economic contribution to the economy of the country and “believe that the strong partnership between the private and public sector will attract more investments and boost the economy”.
At the same time, the government official added “the international community’s support to Jordan is increasing and now it is our role to implement good projects that would benefit the country’s economy so that it would reflect positively on our citizens”.
Khoshman was speaking during an online session that was organised by the Jordan Strategy Forum titled: “Public-private partnership projects: Will it be implemented in 2020?” that was moderated by former minister Ibrahim Saif.
Khoshman also pointed out that “steps are being adopted now to get ready to the stage when the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Jordan is over”.
He said there are many projects that will be implemented starting next year that will work to “move and boost the economy and the tourism sector”.
One of the main projects, according to Khoshman, was the revamping of Marka Airport.
“We realised now after being hit by the COVID-19 that Marka Airport will become very important given the fact that there might be diversions of flights in the near future,” Khoshman said.
The PPP director said the airport will be “revamped to receive low budget flights and charters because the fees are lower, and this will hopefully revive the tourism sector”.
Another important project, according to Khoshman is the Amman slaughterhouse project, which is also expected to “raise the quality and safety of meat and other protein products”.
“The slaughterhouse will hopefully ensure good quality of protein products and at the same time will focus on inspection and quality certificate issuance to ensure that all products that reach the consumer are healthy and up to international standards,” Khoshman said.
The Amman slaughterhouse, which serves Amman, Zarqa and Rusaifa, will be built in Madounah region according to “highest” international standards, taking into consideration the environment and population growth for the next 25 years.

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