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Government to hold deep discussions to review its priorities




Amman - Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, said Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, will chair an extended meeting with the ministerial team Saturday to review and update the government's work priorities for the remaining period of 2020 and 2021.
Earlier 2020, Adaileh said the government has announced a report on the extent of achievement of its priorities it has pledged to accomplishing in 2019, and also rolled out its work priorities and initiatives for 2020 and 2021.
Continuing:" This 2020-2021 plan was a working mechanism that the government has been working on as a tool for future planning, achievement follow-up, and performance evaluation with transparency and disclosure."
With the Covid-19 pandemic, policies and decisions focused on virus-based rapid response, then followed adaptation and seeking recovery.Therefore, it is necessary to update the government's priorities and initiatives based on feedback from the field, and the field assessment of the situation of the various virus-hit sectors, according to the minister.
The government, which recently set up procedures to support the tourism and transportation sectors as the hardest hit industries by the pandemic repercussions, is working to develop specific measures to support other affected businesses to help their adaptation to the current stage and transition to recovery and resilience stage, in cooperation and partnership with the private sector, according to the minister.
On the meetings' goals, he said the ministerial discussions will go over the ministries' priorities and their most prominent budget-listed projects over 2020, in light of the developments, triggered by the Covid-19 crisis and the financial and economic constraints.
Speaking in a media statement, Adaileh said Jordan, with direct guidance and follow-up from His Majesty King Abdullah II, citizen Covid-19 health measures compliance, and the integrated efforts of all concerned agencies and institutions, has formed a "model" in the good management of the health crisis based on its ethical and value system to protect the vulnerable and most affected people.

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