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Listening to the voice of the youth - Editorial, The Jordan Times



His Majesty King Abdullah's meeting with a group of young Jordanians at Al Husseiniya Palace on Sunday aimed to encourage and promote the participation of the young in the decision making process at the political, economic and social levels.
The King wanted, and rightly so, that the voice of the younger generation be heard because they, indeed, have a lot to offer if they are given a chance. The young constitute the bulk of society, and marginalising them for much longer would be a big loss for the country.
The young have proven their ability to contribute wisely and constructively to the buildup of the country, not only as pioneering entrepreneurs, but also as sources of innovative ideas on the political level. There is no ideal age level when the youth can be integrated in the decision making process on various levels of development. Their contributions could be tantamount to a breath of fresh air that the country urgently needs.
The modernisation of the country cannot be attained without the innovative ideas of the young in society. Women, in particular, need to be encouraged and given opportunities to contribute to the development of Jordan. Shunning the contributions of women would be like shunning the efforts of half of the population. No country can ever develop fully without the input of women, especially when Jordanian women have reached a high level of excellence.
The King has, therefore, sent a clear signal to the government and the private sector alike that it is high time to listen to the voice of the young. The government may want now to take a leadership role in this campaign, by putting the young in positions where they can make a difference. The private sector should not lag behind once this process of integrating the young in governmental positions takes a firmer shape.
The King has gone out of his way to promote the participation of the young in the development of the country by meeting with some of them. The rest lies squarely on the shoulders of the government and the private sector. The sooner this process accelerates, the better, especially when the country is facing untold hardships on many fronts, and is searching for new ideas on how to overcome them.

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