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Death toll from Aqaba toxic gas leak reaches 12, including 4 Asian nationals — official


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The death toll from the toxic chlorine gas leak at the Aqaba port on Monday has reached 12, including seven Jordanians and four Asian nationals, Hamzeh Al Hajj Hassan, Deputy Chief Commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) told The Jordan Times. 
The vessel involved in the accident is registered in Hong Kong, he said. Among the dead and injured are members of the 17-member crew of the vessel, who are all Vietnamese and Chinese nationals, Hajj Hassan said. 
 “Most of the injured have already started leaving hospitals and two critical cases are in stable condition,” he said. 
Among the injured are also Chinese and Vietnamese nationals. 
“The situation is completely under control and the number of injuries will hopefully not increase,” Hajj Hassan added. 
Authorities said that a chemical storage container fell while being transported as a result of a crane malfunction. 
According to CCTV footage, a container can be seen dropping on to a ship and exploding, sending a large cloud of bright yellow gas into the air, forcing people to flee. 

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