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Bolton Warns Iran against Disrupting Bahrain Conference




U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton warned Iran Tuesday against disrupting a Bahrain conference on Middle East peace, amid soaring tensions between Washington and Tehran.
"Iran has engaged over the past couple of months in a long series of unprovoked and unjustifiable attacks," Bolton said.
Tehran last week shot down a U.S. spy aircraft which it says entered Iranian territory, a claim denied by Washington. 
The U.S. has also accused the Islamic Republic of involvement in a series of attacks on Gulf shipping, accusations Iran refutes.
The United States on Tuesday launches a conference in Manama unveiling the economic aspects of its plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace.
"In that kind of environment, threatening the conference in Bahrain is always a possibility," Bolton said during a visit to Jerusalem.
"It would be a big mistake for Iran to continue this kind of behavior," he added.
Bolton was responding to a journalist's question about possible Iranian interference, but no evidence has come to light that Tehran is planning to disrupt the conference. 

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