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Five sectors see growth despite COVID effect


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Despite threats posed by the COVID 19 pandemic, a number of businesses have achieved positive growth during these unprecedented times, according to various sector representatives.
Sectors that witnessed rapid growth amid the crisis include mask production, medical equipment and supplies, e-learning portals, life coaching, mental health and wellbeing, and nutrition, the representatives told The Jordan Times.
Mask production
Demand for masks surged from the onset of the coronavirus crisis, said Mahmoud Al Jleis, mask supplier and member of the Amman Chamber of Commerce.
However, the revenues from domestic mask production and sales have decreased lately due to imports from China, closure of several economic sectors, which reduced demand, and the increase in number of local mask providers.
Medical supplies and equipment
Demand for specific medical equipment, like artificial respirators increased in the wake of the construction of COVID field hospitals, said Jihad Al Maani, president of Medical Supplies Syndicate.
“We have 1,200 companies in Jordan that specialise in medical equipment and supplies. Of those, only 200 companies, specialising in masks, gloves, sanitisers, and artificial respirators, witnessed growth in sales,” said Maani.
E-learning platforms
Due to lockdown and closures to curb the spread of the virus, education has shifted greatly to online learning.
Demand for e-learning services by schools and universities led to the flourishing of online education platforms and businesses, observed Mai Al Qadri, an e-learning platform specialist. 
Mental health services
Stringent measures imposed in the wake of the pandemic, including curfews, lockdowns and closures, have taken a toll on the mental health of people.
Nihaya Rimawi, a psychologist, stated that the COVID pandemic has revealed much of the negative thoughts people have and, in some cases, their inability to accommodate and adapt to new and challenging circumstances.
“The pandemic and associated measures have sparked fear, anxiety, stress and insecurity among others. These led to about 50 per cent increase in the number of local and international clients seeking professional help,” said Hiba Jindi a certified life coach.
Constant lockdowns and closures of gyms led to people developing new, sometimes unhealthy, coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Some resort to binge eating while others totally avoid food, said Tala Dihmes, a nutritionist.
“Lockdowns and gym closures did not stop our work at all. We are now still providing services to old and new clients through phone consultations,” said Dihmes.

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