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Polls close, vote counting underway


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Polling stations across the Kingdom closed at 09:00 wrapping the Kingdom’s 19th parliamentary elections which saw a turnout rate of 29.9 percent.

Election committees in 23 constituencies across the country started counting ballots cast in the polls in which 1,387,696 voters participated, out of a 4.64 million-strong electorate.

Those who voted today included 749,621 males and 638,075 females, according to Chief Commissioner of the Independent Election Commission Khaled Kalaldeh.

Briefing reporters shortly after polls closed, Kalaldeh said no violations to health safety protocols were reported in any polling stations, noting that election officials had beforehand records of active coronavirus cases.

The top election official said 13 voter impersonation incidents were detected and referred to the public prosecution for further action.

Preliminary results are expected to appear within hours while final results will be announced Wednesday afternoon.



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