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Gatherings attended by vaccinated individuals do not cause increase in COVID-19 infections: Hawari


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Minister of Health Feras Al-Hawari said that concerts and gatherings do not cause an increase in the coronavirus cases in the Kingdom as those who attend such events are vaccinated against the virus.
In an interview with Jordan TV, Hawari said that the rates of COVID-19 infections among those aged over 55 have not increased.
Meanwhile, Hawari added that 35 percent of the total daily infections are among those aged between 10 and 17, saying that this is ‘normal,’ given that most of them did not receive the vaccine and that the ministry's cadres conduct thousands of PCR tests in schools daily.
Hawari confirmed that Jordan has avoided entering a new wave of COVID-19 due to the ministry’s early plan which proved to be successful, noting that the Kingdom’s epidemiological situation is much better than some countries.
He revealed that the ministry has developed alternative plans to deal with the epidemiological situation. Hawari noted that even if Jordan begins recording 2,500 COVID-19 infections daily, which is the worst case scenario, field hospitals are prepared to receive this number of infections.
Regarding receiving the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, he said that the ministry began offering the booster dose to people over the age of 60, or those who have chronic diseases or health sector workers.
Hawari called on everyone over the age of 60 to receive the booster dose.
Hawari also noted that 60 percent of those aged between 18 and 24 have received the coronavirus vaccine.
He lastly noted that 90 percent of hospital admissions are among those unvaccinated.

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