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Mystery shoppers to keep close eye on state-run hospitals


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Tuesday made an unannounced visit to Al Bashir Hospital in Amman to check on health services provided to citizens.
The visit of Razzaz, accompanied by Health Minister Mahmoud Sheyyab, came to follow up on measures that His Majesty King Abdullah has ordered to improve medical services and in response to several complaints related to the deteriorating quality of services.
The prime minister visited the hospital’s cancer ward and emergency room, where he gave instructions to make changes to improve the situation there.
Speaking to the medical staff, Razzaz reminded them that the government has promised citizens that they will see improvements to services during its first 100 days in office.
He announced that there would be mystery shoppers at state-run hospitals to check on cleanliness, employees’ performance and time needed to provide the various services, and those hospitals will be evaluated according to the reports.
He voiced an understanding of the pressure under which Al Bashir Hospital struggles as it receives 1,500 to 2,000 patients daily. 
Also on Tuesday, Razzaz visited a traffic police officer who was assaulted by a number of people while he was on duty.
The issue grabbed public attention due to the fact that the traffic man was only doing his duty and was attacked fiercely by men belonging to an influential tribe. 
Razzaz said that respect of security personnel is part of the respect for the state, stressing the government’s determination to ensure such respect and enforce the law “indiscriminately, firmly and justly”.
He said that cases related to public rights will not be dropped.

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