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Jordan, Egypt to boost cooperation in mineral resource, petrochemical fields


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A Jordanian-Egyptian technical committee on Monday approved an action plan to implement a memorandum of understanding that both countries signed in June to increase cooperation in training and exchanging expertise in the mineral resources, petrochemical industries, oil and natural gas sectors.
During a virtual meeting, the two countries discussed means to prepare an action plan to implement the memo and prepare a timetable to support scientific and technical requirements for both sides to contribute to developing each country’s natural resources, stimulating investments and boosting their national economies, according to an Energy Ministry statement.
Energy Ministry Assistant Secretary General for Energy Affairs Hassan Hiari highlighted the importance of activating the June MoU to further enhance relations between Amman and Cairo.
Hiari said that the memo stipulates exchanging expertise in the natural gas field and enhancing cooperation with international companies regarding oil and gas extraction. The memo also calls for the exchange of expertise in improving public energy delivery in order to further develop Jordan’s urban natural gas infrastructure.
He added that the memo, regarding gold, stipulates cooperation in raw mineral lab tests and in training technical personnel in handling mineral resources, petrochemicals and oil and gas.
The ministry official, who co-headed the meeting along with technical office central administration chairman at the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Alaa Hajar, stressed the importance of the memo in terms of exchanging reports, studies and information related to mineral resources and petrochemical industries.

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