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PM launches national strategy to prepare youth for upcoming phase


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday launched the 2019-2025 National Strategy for Youth, aiming to hone the young generation’s creative skills and increase its productivity.
The strategy aims to improve and develop Jordanian youth’s knowledge, skills and values to enable them to create, innovate and be more productive, as well as increase their participation in the political life and public sphere, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
The programme also seeks to prepare the youth to navigate through the upcoming phase’s developments and challenges and achieve sustainable development through self reliance, according to Petra.
The strategy rests on several main pillars, among which are education and technology, the rule of law, active citizenship, entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, participation and active leadership, as well as health and physical activity. 
During the ceremony at Hussein Youth City, attended by Minister of Culture and Youth Mohammad Abu Rumman and youth from around the Kingdom, Razzaz stressed that the strategy is not the government’s product, rather it was cultivated through dialogue with young Jordanians in youth centres, schools and universities. 
The prime minister pointed out the government’s duty to create an environment that incentivises the youth to practice their role in the community through active citizenship, as called for by His Majesty King Abdullah and HRH Crown Prince Hussein.
On education and technology, the premier stressed the centrality of the strategy’s goal, as “we are entering the fourth industrial revolution, in which the most valuable tools are creativity and innovation, and where natural sources are not the main driver for development and progress”.
Razzaz noted that the strategy’s motto, “Youth of Jordanian identity and global mentality”, reflects its vision.
For his part, Abu Rumman said that the National Youth Strategy was the result of the ministry team’s efforts, guided by the opinions and insights of a wide range of Jordanian youth.

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