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Funeral Begins for Britain's Queen Elizabeth


Asharq Al-Awsat


King Charles and other senior British royals followed Queen Elizabeth's coffin into Westminster Abbey on Monday, joining world leaders and monarchs to bid her farewell.
Tens of thousands of people lined the streets as the queen's casket made the short journey from Westminster Hall where she had been lying-in-state, pulled along on a gun carriage by 142 sailors with arms linked. A bell tolled and bagpipes skirled.
Pin-drop silence fell over London’s Hyde Park nearby as thousands of people, who for hours had picnicked and chatted, went quiet the second the queen's coffin appeared on screens erected for the occasion.
Shortly before, hundreds of armed personnel in full ceremonial dress had marched past in a historic display of kilts, bearskin hats, scarlet tunics and bands in white gloves.
Inside the abbey, lines of scripture were set to music that has been used at every state funeral since the early 18th century. Among those walking behind the casket was her great-grandson and future king, 9-year-old Prince George.
The 2,000-strong congregation included some 500 world leaders and foreign royal families.

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