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Jordanian social media influencer dies in car accident in South Africa


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Saturday, a Jordanian social media influencer Abdullah Al-Omari, known as Abood Omari died in a car accident in South Africa at the age of 23.
Omari’s father announced the death of his son on social media. The father wrote on Instagram “With great sorrow and sadness, I mourn the death of my beloved son Abdullah Omar Al-Omari, who passed away this evening, following an unfortunate accident in South Africa.”
The young man was a social media influencer who created funny content on several social media platforms. He had more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram.
The spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate, Dhaifallah Ali Al-Fayez said that all the relatives of the deceased have been contacted and informed of the unfortunate accident.
Fayez added that his body will be transported to Jordan upon the request of his family.
Abood Omari was one of four young men who were involved in comedy work for the Holy Month of Ramadan produced by Roya.

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