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Safadi calls for joint Arab action to confront common challenges


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi on Wednesday highlighted the importance of activating the joint Arab action to face common challenges and serve Arab interests. 
Delivering the Kingdom's speech at the 155th ordinary session of the Arab League at the foreign ministers level, Safadi said that there is a pressing need for an immediate Arab action to help Palestinians and realise progress towards a just peace that realises their legitimate rights, according to a ministry statement. 
The minister referred to the extraordinary meeting of the Arab League that was held in February, which stressed Arabs' unaltered stances towards the central issue and keenness to translate it into a joint action to reach a solution to end occupation and achieve a just and fair peace as a strategic option to the two-state solution.
“The time for such an action is now,” the deputy prime minister stressed, adding that there are some signs announced by the new US administration and other European and international stances that require interaction to offer an inclusive Arab stance towards requirements of the envisioned comprehensive peace.
There is also a threat imposed by the continuous illegitimate Israeli procedures that "blow up" all opportunities of reaching the comprehensive and just peace, which necessitates a collective action to counter the colonial expansion and mobilise an international stance to face its threats on peace opportunities, he added. 
Safadi also said that supporting UNRWA is a necessity that requires joining all efforts, stressing that “occupation, transgression and deprivation do not make peace and do not end conflicts”.
He also called for a collective effort to reach a political solution to the Syrian crisis, which leads to leaving all foreign forces from the country and provides decent circumstances that allow the voluntary return of refugees.
The minister also called for a collective effort to end the Libyan and Yemeni crises, as well as supporting the Iraqi government's efforts in instilling stability in the victory over terrorism. 
Safadi also said that the security of the Arab Gulf is the security of all Arabs, voicing the Kingdom's utmost condemnation for Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia and Amman's full solidarity with Riyadh in whatever steps it take to protect Saudi Arabia's security. 

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