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5,000 Jordanian workers to receive language training for vocational employment in Germany


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — In the presence of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, four memoranda of understanding (MoU) were signed on Tuesday with the aim of teaching around 5,000 Jordanians the German language in preparation for their employment in a number of sectors in Germany.
The memoranda were signed by the Ministry of Labour and the Technical and Vocational Skill Development Commission (TVSDC) with the Jordanian Engineers Association, the Jordan Medical Association, the Jordan Pharmacists Association and the Jordan Nurses and Midwives Council, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported. 
Under the MoUs, 5,000 beneficiaries and affiliates of these associations will study the German language in preparation for their employment in a number of related sectors in Germany after the end of the language learning period, which will last from six to eight months.
The MoUs were signed by Minister of Labour Nidal Bataineh and the heads of the four professional associations in the presence of TVSDC President Qais Safasfeh.
The prime minister said that the MoUs signed on Tuesday are the “culmination” of a joint effort and coordination over the past year to open up job opportunities for Jordanian youth in these sectors in Germany.
“This is a unique opportunity and paves the way for our children who have academic experience to gain practical experience in one of the most advanced economies in the world," Razzaz said.
The premier noted that the experience that the beneficiaries will gain "is invaluable to them and to the Jordanian economy, which will benefit in the future from their experiences”.
The “first step in this direction” constitutes German language training, he said, adding that each association will select qualified candidates according to transparent criteria.
The Ministry of Labour will cover a large portion of the cost of language courses, and thousands of Jordanians are expected to be able to train and work in Germany in the medical, engineering, nursing and pharmacy sectors through the programme, he added.
"We look forward to the initiative as a start to providing Jordanian youth with global expertise," Razzaz said, highlighting the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah to prioritise Jordanian youth and their skills.
For his part, Bataineh said that the four MoUs are being signed in light of the recent visit of a Jordanian government delegation to Germany and the follow-up and subsequent coordination with the German side.
Bataineh added that this batch of beneficiaries, to which other batches will be added in the coming weeks in various specialisations, includes 2,000 engineers, 2,000 nurses, 500 doctors, and 500 pharmacists.
"We are counting on this initiative, which comes within the framework of the National Employment Charter launched by HRH Crown Prince Hussein under the directives of His Majesty and with the follow-up of the prime minister,” he said, noting that the initiative aims to reduce unemployment.
Engineers, doctors, nurses and pharmacists can submit applications by registering through the link http://jordanskills.jo and filling in all the required data as of Sunday, Bataineh added.
He pointed out that, later, the Ministry of Labour will connect the employees of these associations with the German private and public sectors according to their specialisations and the needs of the German market, as previously discussed.
Safasfeh also noted that 50 per cent of the necessary financial support for the language training will be offered by the TVSDC, while the respective association will incur the other 50 per cent, provided that the beneficiary pays the fees for the first stage of language studies only.

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