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Jordan-UAE workshops shape national vision with ‘future foresight’ concept


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Workshops on "future foresight" have been launched as part of the Jordanian-United Arab Emirates strategic partnership in government modernisation.
The "first of their kind", the workshops have been designated to share the UAE's experience in future foresight with the Kingdom, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported on Sunday.
The concept of future foresight stems from the desire to be ready to face the unpredictability of the future and is a practical tool for a state to predict, analyse and address future challenges by proper preemptive planning, according to the UAE government website.
With the participation of more than 180 Jordanian top officials and six Emirati trainers, the courses aim at building capacities in the field of long-term planning for the future, which would achieve the "Jordan 2025" national vision, draw up flexible plans and develop innovative models for future services.
Highlighting the UAE's experience in the use of 3D printing technology, the workshops also touched on different areas, including the fourth industrial revolution and its technology, the impact of artificial intelligence on individuals and society, the future of transportation, robots and medical technology.
The strategic partnership between Jordan and the United Arab Emirates covers various fields in government modernisation including developing government services, smart services, institutional performance, innovation, excellence and building leaderships and capacities.

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