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Cassation Court upholds 2019 attempted murder sentence


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Cassation Court upheld a May Criminal Court ruling sentencing a repeat offender to 13 years in prison after convicting him of attempting to murder a man in Ajloun in September 2019.
The Criminal Court first declared the defendant, a street vendor, guilty of attempted murder following a dispute over JD20 and a chicken on September 25, and handed him a 12-year prison term.
However, the court decided to add one more year to the prison sentence because the defendant is a repeat offender.
Court papers said the defendant and the victim had an old feud and it was renewed on the day of the incident.
"The victim asked the defendant to give him JD20 and a chicken, but the latter refused at first then decided to give him what he asked for after the two had an altercation," court documents said.
A few hours later, the victim returned and started arguing again with the defendant.
“The defendant drew a knife and stabbed the victim’s chest repeatedly then escaped,” court papers said.
The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital and survived the stabbing after undergoing several surgeries, the court papers added.
The Criminal Court’s attorney general asked the higher court to uphold the ruling. The higher court ruled that the Criminal Court proceedings were accurate and that the defendant was given the appropriate punishment.
The Cassation Court bench comprised judges Mohammad Ibrahim, Bassim Mubeidin, Yassin Abdullat, Hamad Ghzawi and Saeed Mugheid.

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