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Two French women on trial after claiming First Lady is transgender




Two women went on trial on Wednesday in France over claims that France's first lady Brigitte Macron is transgender – after both alleging that she had once been a man named “Jean-Michel” in a Youtube video posted in December, 2021.
In 2022, Brigitte Macron filed a complaint for libel against the two women, after their claims sparked online rumor-mongering by conspiracy theorists and the far right.
Messages multiplied afterwards on social media claiming that the first lady, formerly Brigitte Trogneux, had never existed and that her brother Jean-Michel had changed gender and assumed that identity.
"The prejudice is massive, it exploded everywhere," said Brigitte Macron's lawyer, Jean Ennochi.
He demanded EUR 10,000 euros (USD 10,750) in compensation for each of Brigitte Macron and her brother – a decision on the case is due on September 12.

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