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Jordan Strategy Forum proposes plan to aid vulnerable populations during curfew


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) on Monday released a summary of policies to address the needs of work with low daily wages and vulnerable populations during the coronavirus crisis.
Available estimations show that the volume of the informal sector stands at some 52 per cent, according to a 2016 survey, with large numbers in the sector suffering from financial problems and unable to meet their needs, according to the study, which was made available to The Jordan Times.
According to the forum, the vulnerable populations that will be the most impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and measures to counter it include workers in the construction, tourism and agricultural sectors, taxi drivers and workers in the public transport sector and owners of small businesses, such as small retailers, barbers and employees in car maintenance workshops.
The study also put forward recommendations that should be implemented through cooperation between the public and private sectors and charity associations, including allocating money from the anti-coronavirus fund established by the government to provide material and in-kind assistance to the most vulnerable populations in the Kingdom.
It also recommended that the Land Transport Regulatory Commission’s database be used to reach drivers of taxis and service-taxis to financially compensate them as much as possible.
Another way to reach vulnerable and at-risk people in Jordan is through an e-platform by which they can ask for assistance, the JSF said.

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