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Lebanon: Deputy Speaker Says Assault on Gaza Delayed Demarcation Talks with Israel


Asharq Al-Awsat


Lebanon’s Deputy Speaker Elias Bou Saab stated on Thursday that the latest Israeli aggression against the Gaza strip has delayed the country’s demarcation border talks with Israel.
Bou Saab stressed, after his meeting with President Michel Aoun, that the US mediator Amos Hochstein continues negotiations over the demarcation of Lebanon’s southern maritime border with Israel.
He said Israel’s latest assault on the Gaza Strip has delayed the talks.
“The time for negotiations is not open to infinity. The closer we get to the month of September, the more critical time becomes in this file. To preserve stability, things must end before September” the Deputy Speaker said.
"The US envoy had only visited Israel the day he left Beirut," he noted, adding that "we are following up with him on the matter."
“Hochstein’s efforts continue based on his latest meeting in Baabda (with the President),” Bou Saab said noting that Lebanon is following up with him on the matter.
On the talks with the IMF to provide Lebanon with aid, he said the parliament must first approve a 2022 budget and a new bank secrecy law to fight corruption.

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