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Spreading rumours on social media is ‘haram’ — Iftaa Department


By Maram Kayed, The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Iftaa Department on Wednesday issued a fatwa, classifying “misuses” of social media as “prohibited by Sharia and totally rejected by the people of sound mind and nature”.
The department said its fatwa came in response to question about the Sharia ruling with regard to people circulating rumours on social media networks.  
Acknowledging the positive role of social media as “facilitating communication amongst people and making their life easier”, the Iftaa Department ruled that  misuse of social media networks “leads to corruption, spreading rumours, slandering, impugning people`s honour, committing sins and publishing scandal broadcast”.
Hassan Abu Arqoub, the department’s director of PR and international cooperation, told The Jordan Times, “the fatwa comes in light of the fact that in the last two months, the number of rumours that are circulating around the Kingdom have increased”.
“What we define as a rumour is simply any piece of information that is untrue. It is not to be confused with freedom of speech within legal limitations, as that is a fundamental human right.”
Comments on social media have been mostly aggressive regarding the Fatwa, with most people commenting that the department should give priority to other pressing issues such as taxes, nepotism and low income when issuing Fatwas.
Taha Al Maharmeh, a Jordanian citizen living in Saudi Arabia, commented on his Facebook page: “Of course it’s haram. But what about corruption? Is that halal or haram? We do not trust you anymore.”
Another citizen, Suradi Yousef, wrote: “True, True, True. So is hiding vital information. So is insensible taxation. So is staying silent when treated unfairly.”
Abu Arqoub told The Jordan Times that they frequently deal with backlashes, but “enforcement of God’s law and the security and stability of the nation” are their two top priorities and not the reaction that they may get when dealing with such matters.

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