Thursday 27th of June 2019 |
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Yemeni army advances further into Saada amid violent clashes with Houthis



The Yemeni army liberated areas that extend four kilometers inside Baqim amid violent clashes with the Houthis on the outskirts of the district in Saada.
Brigadier-General Yasser al-Harthi said the Yemeni army aided by the coalition’s fighter jets seized control of ranges of Al-Aswad mountains and Ghara mountains and other areas which include the town of Muhdayda.
The army continues to advance in the path that links between Baqim and the international al-Alab border crossing.
More than 25 Houthis, including field commanders, have been killed and others were injured and captured during this time. Some Houthi groups are still besieged in some posts in Baqim after the army cut their supply routes.
Several Houthi militiamen fled and left behind weapons such as sniper rifles, mortars and B-10 rifles and three vehicles loaded with ammunition, RPG, thermal missiles, motorcycles and wireless communication devices.

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