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National Charter party warns of MPs’ declining satisfaction with gov’t


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Al Mithaq Al Watani (National Charter) Party's political bureau on Saturday discussed the results of a survey among MPs on several issues, including the relationship with the government. 
The party, in a statement, warned of an "unstable" relationship and a decline in the level of cooperation between the government and lawmakers. 
Party Assistant Secretary-General Hamid Al Batayneh said that the party examined the survey’s results, which indicated a “decline” in lawmakers’ satisfaction with the government's handling of the political reform process and efforts towards the empowerment of political parties. 
The survey outcomes show that the government “does not have any real plan, vision or programmes to stimulate political modernisation” in the coming period, Batayneh said in the statement. 
Batayneh added that the drop of deputies' satisfaction with the government in its handling of the partisan portfolio means the government, represented by the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs,  is "largely absent from the issue". 
The party statement said that the relationship between the government and deputies is an essential indicator of confidence in political reform, and that the "disturbance" in that relationship harms both sides and political reform.

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