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Ukrainian composer, pianist performs concert series in Jordan


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Ukrainian composer and pianist Evgeny Khmara has performed a series of concerts in Jordan as part of a world charity tour that he is leading to raise awareness of the needs of his war-torn homeland.
He has performed over 50 concerts in various countries around the world since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, including Paris, Milan, Berlin, Kuwait and many other places. 
The 34-year-old musician started playing the piano at the age of six, and wrote his first composition at the age of seven.
“Music is my language, and I like using it to tell my own stories,” Khmara, who is known to almost exclusively play original compositions, told The Jordan Times in a recent interview. 
He added that the war has affected the type of music he is creating. 
“Some of the compositions I performed carry a lot of pain in them, as this is a very difficult time for Ukrainians due to the war, which has taken the lives of many dear friends,” he said.
During the interview, Khmara also discussed his creative process.
“I believe that music is a higher form of energy that is found inside and around us, so a composer must be able to love the world and see beauty in its details and incredible people, then transform that into audible melodies that resonate with others,” he said. 
Khmara also noted that the music he composes sometimes comes from his dreams.
Moreover, the artist spoke of the role music plays in cultural exchange, especially when there’s a language barrier, adding that “the black and white keys of the piano are more expressive than words”.
“Instrumental music is a universal language that everyone can understand because it’s energy and emotion. That’s why I believe it eliminates borders between countries and builds bridges instead,” he added, expressing hope that his performance has brought Jordanians and Ukrainians closer to each other. 
The artist said that this will not be his last performance in Jordan. 
“Hopefully my next visit will lead to collaborations with local musicians and will allow me to see more of Jordan’s beautiful historical sites,” he said. 
Apart from playing Ukrainian music as a tribute to his country, Khmara performed his own compositions dedicated to Jordan, and participated in the 10th edition of the Amman Jazz Festival where he played the melodica.
He also performed at the Madaba Visitors Centre during a musical evening organised by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities as part of celebrations marking the selection of Madaba as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2022.
Khmara started his career in instrumental music by performing at restaurants and hotels. In 2012, the Ukrainian pianist participated in Ukraine’s Got Talent and won third place. He attributed his success to his faith in himself as well as his passion for music and life. 
“Miracles are possible if you believe in something, so try to always meet life with an open heart, because if you smile at the world, it will answer back with a smile,” he said.

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