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Draft law merging legislation on municipalities, decentralisation being finalised — Ghunaimat


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Elections Law will be open for debate among various political parties, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat said on Sunday, highlighting that the law will be listed on Parliament's agenda for the upcoming ordinary session.
During her meeting with young leaders from the Kingdom's various governorates, the minister said that 70 per cent of the government's pledges were fulfilled during the first quarter, noting that the results of the second quarter will be announced soon, highlighting the government's adoption of a policy of self-reliance and efforts to shed light on realities in accordance with the Royal Letter of Designation. 
The government has also supported various projects, programmes and funds to establish an incubator to help convert young people’s "creative ideas" into projects that serve their societies, she said.
Touching on political reform, Ghunaimat said that the local administration draft law, which combines the two laws of municipalities and decentralisation to avoid overlap, is being finalised.
Commenting on the government's efforts to alleviate unemployment, the spokesperson underlined that the government has managed to provide more than 15,000 job opportunities out of the 30,000 opportunities it pledged, affirming that job creation efforts will continue at the same pace. 
The Jordan Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission has referred 148 cases to the judiciary this year, she added, highlighting efforts to speed up reviews of the Audit Bureau's 2017 and 2018 reports, and the retrieval of an estimated JD33 million in illegally spent public money.

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