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Amman governor decides to release new batch of administrative detainees


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On Friday, Yasser Al-Adwan, the governor of the capital, authorized the release of 16 administrative detainees who had been re-apprehended for participating in recent sit-ins near the Israeli Occupation embassy in the Rabieh area.
This information was provided by lawyer Malik Al-Tahrawi, a member of the Public Liberties Committee of the Bar Association.
Tahrawi informed Roya that the remaining detainees linked to the Rabieh sit-ins would be released within the next two days. He explained that on Friday morning, the detainees contacted their families to arrange for their release guarantees to be submitted, which was successfully carried out. The approval for their release coincided with the weekend.
These individuals, as stated by Tahrawi, had already undergone periods of detention ranging from two to three weeks. He mentioned that although the Amman Criminal Magistrate Court had previously granted them bail during their court appearances, they were referred to the governor, who decided to re-arrest them under the background law of the Crime Prevention Law.
Tahrawi added that the released detainees denied the charges leveled against them by the public prosecutor, including illegal assembly, incitement to illegal assembly, and disturbing public peace.
With these releases, the count of administrative detainees freed within 48 hours rises to 33 individuals, while around 20 others are awaiting approval for their release requests.

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