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Lower House committee discusses 2021 budget law with government


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Lower House's Financial Committee on Tuesday began its discussion of the 2021 draft state budget law, meeting with a number of government's institutions.
After receiving the state budget law and the budgets of the independent public institutions, the committee conventionally meets with officials and representatives of private sector and civil institutions before referring the bill to MPs for a full House discussion. 
Tuesday's meeting was with the Finance Ministry, Customs Department, Income and Sales Tax Department, Land and Survey Department, and the General Budget Department.
The government on Sunday submitted the draft budget law for 2021 and budgets of independent public institutions to the Lower House with an estimated deficit of JOD2.06 billion, constituting 6.5 percent of GDP.
The value of public expenditures in the 2021 budget is estimated at JOD9.93 billion, or 31.2 per cent of GDP, compared with JOD9.37 billion or 30.6 per cent of GDP in 2020.
Domestic revenues are estimated at around JOD7.8 billion before foreign grants, which are expected to reach JOD577 million in the budget law, down from the JOD851 million in the re-estimated value for 2020.

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