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Saudi Holdings of US Treasury Bonds Rise to Highest Level since Beginning of 2022


Asharq Al-Awsat


Saudi Arabia increased its holdings of US Treasury bonds in July for the second month in a row, achieving the highest level since September 2021.

Monthly US Treasury data indicated that the Kingdom’s holdings of bonds increased by about $121.6 billion at the end of July, the highest level recorded in the last 10 months, when it reached $123.8 billion in September 2021.
Saudi Arabia ranked 16th globally in the list of the largest investors in US Treasury bonds by the end of July, while Japan topped the list with a total of $1.234 trillion, followed by China with investments worth $970 billion.
The Kingdom also topped the list of Arab countries with investments in US treasury bonds, followed by Kuwait with investments that reached $49.4 billion, ranking 26th globally, and then the UAE $41.3 billion, ranking 29th globally.
Meanwhile, the main Saudi stock index decreased by 257.36 points on Sunday, to close at 11,572.18 points, with trades amounting to 5 billion riyals ($1.3 billion), through the exchange of 137.86 million shares.
The Nomu-Parallel Market Capped Index (NomuC) closed the session lower by 338.22 points (1.62%) at 20,585.83 points.

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