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Khasawneh says Kingdom held successful vote despite pandemic


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Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh Wednesday said that Jordan had succeeded in honoring a constitutional obligation and efficiently held parliamentary elections despite exceptional circumstances imposed by the coronavirus pandemic.

All have worked in a responsible and patriotic spirit to deliver this important duty which aims at strengthening the democratic drive, the prime minister added during a cabinet session.

He commended the "responsible patriotic spirit" which citizens demonstrated through their participation in the polls, in addition to measures taken to guard against the COVID-19 disease.

Khasawneh stressed that his government looks forward to working with the new parliament in a spirit of partnership and cooperation and through constitutional and legal frameworks, in order to guarantee public good, serve the nation and address challenges.

The premier thanked the Independent Election Commission for its efficient and responsible management of the vote despite the challenges prompted by the pandemic.

He also thanked other state stakeholders and security agencies for their contribution in the management and supervision of the electoral process.

The prime minister said media outlets played a key role throughout all stages of the polls, stressing that the media is an important partner in all national issues.

The cabinet was briefed by Minister of Interior Tawfiq Halalmeh on measures taken to ensure a smooth and easy vote across the Kingdom and throughout all stages of the elections.

The minister said security agencies have dealt with a number of violations and breaches, particularly illegal gatherings and celebrations, adding that competent bodies are closely following on any election-related videos or illegal behaviors and will ensure the rule of law is upheld.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply Maha al-Ali spoke about measures taken to ensure sufficient supply of basic commodities and robust control of prices.

In this context, the prime minister ordered ministries and supervisory bodies to firmly and swiftly deal with any practices that harm people’s interests or lead to price hikes or monopoly.



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