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Jordan confirms 38 new COVID-19 cases, including 7 local cases


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Jordan has confirmed 38 new coronavirus cases today, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the crisis to 953, according to a statement issued by the government and the Ministry of Health.
The new cases are:
- Six people who contracted the virus from two infected persons in Amman. 
- One case in Jerash and it's still unknown how the person contracted the virus.
- Four non-Jordanian truck drivers who were tested at the Al-Omari Border Crossing and were sent back to their home countries
- 27 citizens who have recently returned from abroad, including 19 from Egypt, Six from Kuwait, one from the United Arab Emirates and one from Oman.
According to the statement, seven recovery cases were reported today, including five at Prince Hamzah Hospital and two at Queen Alia Military Hospital.
"A total of 9,724 random tests have been conducted today, bringing the total number of tests conducted since the beginning of the crisis to 266,873," the statement indicated.
The supervisory authorities continue to intensify their campaigns to inspect commercial, industrial, tourist and service establishments, to ensure that they commit to the safety and preventive measures and shut down the violating establishments.  Therefore, the government confirms that both employees and visitors must commit to wearing face masks and practice social distancing.
The government started today to implement the process of transferring the returning Jordanians to Jordan by land from Saudi Arabia, as nearly 150 people have arrived at the Al-Omari Border Crossing and the process will continue in the coming days.

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