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Tunisia’s Tourism Grows by 80% in 8 Months


Asharq Al-Awsat


Since the beginning of the year through August 20, Tunisia's Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts has reported an increase in returns of 80 percent, reaching 2.4 billion dinars ($750 million).
It remains far from the record rates Tunisia experienced in 2019, when it welcomed 9.5 million visitors and earned 5 billion Tunisian dinars in returns.
The Tunisian authorities aim to boost tourism returns to 3.5 billion dinars by the end of the tourism season, so that 5.7 million tourists visit.
Towards the end of 2023, the ministry put together a program to boost tourism.
This program aims to generate 5.7 billion dinars in returns and receive 9.5 million tourists.
It also aims to increase returns to 5.9 billion dinars by 2024, while receiving 9.5 million tourists.
The depreciation of the Tunisian dinar is believed to be responsible for the increase in tourist turnout in the country, according to observers.
As a result, they deemed it unrealistic to compare current records with those of 2019, when the dollar was worth 2.7 Tunisian dinars while it is worth 3.2 dinars today.
The ministry revealed that supporting the goals set depends on the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic locally and the in the world.

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