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Cabinet approves merging of three transport commissions into one


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — The Cabinet on Sunday approved legal amendments to merge three transport commissions, according to Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh.
During a press conference broadcast live from the Prime Ministry, Adaileh said that the amendments will merge the Jordan Maritime Commission, the Land Transport Regulatory Commission and the Jordan Hijaz Railway Corporation under one entity, the Transport Commission. 
Speaking on the reopening of airports, the minister said that the government is working to reopen airports and resume flights from and to Jordan by the end of July, taking into consideration the epidemiological status of other countries. 
Resuming medical tourism is "without a doubt" related to reopening airports and resuming flights, he added. 
Adaileh also pointed out that the plan to restructure the government and merge some department is ongoing, adding that there will be more decisions in this regard that covers ministries and other government departments.
On this note, he said that the ministerial economic team is currently considering some decisions in cooperation with the Council of Ministers that will be announced once they are taken.
The decisions are part of the second phase of the government's economic programme for administrative reform, under which several government companies have been cancelled, several corporations and commissions have been merged and the number of employees has been decreased, the minister added.

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