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Annahar Daily Issues Blank Edition


The reputable Lebanese newspaper Annahar, issued a surprising blank edition of its paper on Thursday in a move described by its Editor-in-chief Nayla Tueini as a protest against the "deteriorating conditions in the country at all levels."
Tueini who held a televised press conference to explain the move, said that Lebanon “is facing one of the most dangerous stages of all times. The white pages of the daily is an expression towards the country's disastrous situation," she said.
Tueini shed light on the stagnant political and economic situation in Lebanon against the backdrop of a stalled Cabinet formation, urging Lebanese officials to form a government after more than five months of delay.
“Today we launch the slogan “A White Day in the Face of Darkness” to sound the alarm over the crisis we are facing and to urge officials to form a government as soon possible,” she said.
“We must make some move. Lebanon must be saved,” she said.
Rebuffing claims that the daily plans to suspend its print version, she said: “It is not true. We will keep printing the paper and will keep the electronic version online despite the country's crises.”
The press in Lebanon has been in crisis for several years, both as it struggles to adapt to the digital era and faces economic difficulties. That has raised concerns about Annahar following suit.
But Tueini brushed-off the rumors assuring that the printed and online editions of the paper will continue.
Since 2016, three newspapers have suspended their print versions including Lebanese al-Anwar, pan-Arab newspaper al-Hayat and as-Safir.

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