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Electricity tariffs lowered for productive sectors


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission announced on Tuesday a decision to lower electricity tariffs on three productive sectors.
The beneficiaries of the move include the intermediate industrial sector, telecom and private hospitals, according to a statement by the regulator, reported by the Jordan News Agency, Petra.
The measure is part of the Economic Growth Plan being implemented by the government to stimulate the economy within four years. 
For the first sector, the government, as of June 1, will not increase the tariff, in case oil prices go up, by more than JD0.10 for each kWh. 
The government has set a $55 per crude barrel cap to keep electricity tariffs unchanged, with prices hiked proportionately with the difference in the price of oil. 
As for the telecom and private hospitals sectors, the tariffs will go down gradually through three stages that will end in 2020 with the price of each kWh to reach a low of JD0.16 per kWh. The new tariff will go into effect on the first of July, the statement said.  

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