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Did Hana Shiha and Ahmed Falawks Just Secretly Get Married?




Shiha posted and ambiguous message that says "If I know the answer, I wouldn't have asked. If I could say, I wouldn't have stayed silent, but not all wishes are attainable, and not all the pain is allowed, I always ask myself when will I rest? My reply is, if I knew I would have answered."

What the actress posted was just hours after news about her marriage spread, and even though her words were ambiguous, many argued that a strong love relationship is between her and fellow actor Ahmed Falawkas but she always tries to hide it to keep the custody of her children, especially that there is a huge disagreement between her and her ex husband who is trying to convince his children to live with him, which is an option that Shiha refuses.
Egyptian actor Ahmed Falawks on the other hand denied the rumors about his marriage from Hana Shiha in a phone call during "Al Qahira Al Yawm" (Cairo Today) TV show.
Falawks said "Unfortunatley, when fake news is published in a big newspaper and on the first page, this is called 'misleading' and I don't know what to say more, But this proves to you how low media has become"
The actor continued "My father called me two hours ago asking me to be frank with him if I got married"
The frustrated actor did not stop her and said "The reporter that wrote the story should be sent to trial, especially that he is talking about people with households and families"

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