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Public trust on Lower House stands at 36% — CSS survey


The Jordan Times


AMMAN — A total of 36 per cent of Jordanians trust the current Lower House and 38 per cent trust lawmakers of their constituencies, which is the highest percentage since 2014, a poll conducted by the University of Jordan’s Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS) revealed on Monday. 
The survey, conducted between March 7 and 15, focused on the recent government reshuffle and the performance and activities of the Lower House, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.
Results of the survey showed that 61 per cent of Jordanians are not satisfied with the recent government reshuffle, 39 per cent are satisfied with the performance of the current Lower House and 37 per cent are satisfied with the performance of their respective constituencies’ MPs.
Also, 53 per cent of Jordanians think that the current Lower House speaker was capable of administrating sessions, 48 per cent think that the speaker was able to bear responsibility since assuming speakership and 44 per cent are satisfied with his presence in the media, Petra reported.
Results of the poll also showed that 70 per cent of Jordanians do not follow activities of the House, 90 per cent do not know about the House’s blocs and that 82 per cent know nothing about the Chamber’s committees.
Meanwhile, 58 per cent of citizens expect lawmakers of their constituencies to offer services and help in securing jobs, while only 19 per cent expect deputies to carry out legislative roles and monitor the government. Results also revealed that 34 per cent of the surveyed people did not know the name of any incumbent lawmaker.

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